Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Green Challenge!

I've gotten to know the sweet Tamika of through Etsy and our love of design.  She invited me to participate in a fun "Green Challenge" with her and some other lovely ladies.  Each month, a new color is chosen and we get to craft, design or make something with that color in mind.  I created some "lucky in love" shamrock tent cards that you can use for buffet cards or place cards.  You can download them for free below.

Feel free to print and pin on yourself so you don't get pinched!  :)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gillette Venus Embrace Review

Hi Everyone!

I know I mainly feature my printable designs and parties on my blog...  but now I'm also doing product reviews!  I am super excited because I joined Influester and got a complimentary Cosmo VoxBox filled with product goodies.  

The first product I'm reviewing is the Gillette Venus Embrace.  It is so awesome and I'm hooked.  I always bought disposable razors since I felt like it was pain to by refills, etc.  The best part about the Gillette Venus Embrace is that ANY Gillette Refill fits ANY Gillette Handle!  So I can try different ones and I don't have to buy a whole new razor.  This is definitely my new brand and razor or choice.  This winter season I am stubble free.  :)

Don't wait, check it out and be a goddess today!

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Little Sunshine / Baby Love Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Hello Dear Reader!  :)

I am excited to showcase a "My Little Sunshine" / "Baby Love" Gender Neutral Baby Shower today!  This awesome shower was for one of my super great Etsy customers, Tara from Australia.  Unfortunately, I don't have the recipes or anything for the delicious food.  Sorry!  But I think the unique names etc. are a great visual to give you some ideas!

This party package from my shop was used:
Sunshine Baby Love Shower Package

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I have always loved the comic/pulp drawings of retro ladies.  When the magnets, dish towels, etc. came out with retro pictures of women with sarcastic comments, I was all. over. it.  (My favorite is : I finished your laundry, the ashes are in the fireplace. HA!)

Having a background in fine art and illustration, I drew my own retro/pulp lady and used it in my creative resume right when I graduated college.  I've always loved her and wanted to feature her on more things but it was hard to find the right outlet.  She's crying.  I know I could draw another one without tears, but there's just something about the first one.  I've had her for about 6 years!

I struck gold the other day.  Well, I think I did.  I am a self professed Pinterest addict.  I'm turning 30 next year (as are a lot of my friends) and I kept coming across these cute gifts made out of suckers or blow pops, that come with a sign that says "30 Sucks" or "30 Blows".  I think they are too cool.

It got me thinking and voila! I thought my retro lady would be perfect for some "30 Sucks" Birthday Party Invitations.  They made their debut in my Etsy Shop last week.  I LOVE THEM.  I can't wait to use them for my 30th Birthday.  I hope you love them too!  Only $12.50 for a digital file, print as many as you need.  Get em here

xoxo, Jenna

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Everyone!  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some fun summer parties!
OhCreativeOne has got you covered for all of your Summer Party Invitation needs!  I've got fun July 4th Invitations, BBQ Invitations, General Summer Invitations, Kid's Pool Party Invitations, Night Time Parties, Luaus, Seafood Boils and more!

Check 'em out below (click each to open them in my shop!) and don't forget to visit my shop to see and order these and see other designs.

Don't see what your looking for?  Convo me through my Etsy shop to resquest a custom design!



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

FREE Cleaning Product Printable Labels from OhCreativeOne

Well Hello!

Spring has officially Sprung and I must admit, I'm a bit behind on things!  I haven't posted in the blog this entire year.  Booooo....Hisssss....  I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger!

To make it up my Readers and Etsy Customers, I wanted to offer a freebie as an apology and thank you.  So in honor of Spring and Freshness, I have a Free Printable for you!

Who's wants some awesomely cool FREE printable household cleaning labels designed by yours truly?!  I know a lot of ladies out there are going more green, eco-friendly and cost effective by making their own homemade household cleaning products.  So I've designed these adorable labels for you!

Many of you know that getting your templates to fit your label sheets (like Avery) on your home printer can be a super pain.  So just download the PDF below and print on Full Label Sticker Sheets and cut your stickers out!  These sticker labels are designed to be a finished size 2"x3".

Feel free to share on your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Just please be sure to give me credit and a link to blog!  Oh, and if you could comment and let me know where my little labels end up, I'd greatly appreciate it!  Don't forget to check out Printable Invitations and more from OhCreativeOne HERE

Oh, to print, just click the "cleaningproduct_labels2" below.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Download your FREE holiday printable, courtesy of, here!

Happy Holidays!
Jennafer (OhCreativeOne)

Free Holiday Printable