About OCO and Me

I'm a new wife, mother to a 4 year old fur baby and a Graphic Designer.  I'm about to turn 30 next year and am really proud of my at home business!  I offer printable, digital invitations and party decor items in my Etsy shop www.OhCreativeOne.etsy.com.

I opened shop in August of 2011 (though it says August 2010 on my shop and I don't know how to change it?!) looking for a new venture.  See, I went to school for design and have been a freelance designer since my graduation in 2005.  I was very lucky to be able to quit my full time design job in July of 2009 and support myself with freelance.  I've never been a fan of corporate structure or office bull, so I was extremely happy with this change in my career.  :)

After 3 years of doing design work for businesses (which I still do and love!), I wanted to branch out and do more "fun" designs where I could showcase my illustration abilities.  I've been an Etsy shopper for years but never thought I had anything I could actually sell there.  After getting some requests from friends for invitations, the idea of OhCreativeOne was born!

I am absolutely thrilled with this venture and can't wait expand my offering and possibly services.
I love custom orders and "meeting" new folks, so contact me if you want to chat or have any questions!